Mission goal

Founded in 2016 by Corey Bradbury, director of Client Strategies at Aasman Brand Communications, looklamp.net began as a small online retailer with the goal of providing quality LED technology, household lights, excellent customer service, and quality product support to our customers.

Have a question about your lights? Visit my site and browse through the vast library of articles available to help you find the answer.

Do you have questions about LEDs? I am here to assist you whether you are replacing a single bulb or updating all of your lightings. After all, I provide LED Lighting for Everything at looklamp.net.

Even if you don’t have a question, you can still find everything you need on the site. I have all sorts of light lists that can help you make an informed decision.

I work tirelessly to help you find the perfect light for your every need.

From my website and blog to my FAQs and Free Shipping Policy, I’m here to make sure you feel confident when buying lights from 24hoursoflight.

I work overtime to find the many different kinds of lights that customers need in their homes.

Why should you go with 24hoursoflight?

Today, Look Lamp has established itself as one of the leading online retailers of household lights and accessories by:

Putting together the best team possible, from my customer service representatives and test lab technicians to my web development and shipping departments.

Creating new products and expanding my existing product lines to better meet the needs of my customers.

All products are thoroughly tested for quality and dependability.

I collaborate with my suppliers to keep prices reasonable and competitive.

I am expanding my online resources to assist customers in making informed LED lighting decisions.

Offering Business Solutions to OEM, reseller, and commercial clients.

Look Lamp: What can you expect?

Interior design service

To help you get the most out of my products, Look Lamp provides a comprehensive interior design service. Whether you are designing your own home or working on a large-scale project, my interior designers are here to help.

Lighting design

Lighting design is a process that is a part of any architectural and interior design project in which the designer must be aware of all the important lighting aspects that can influence a space.

It involves thinking about things like the type of space, the colors of the walls, floors, and floors, and the lights that will be used, among other things. Taking this into consideration, questions such as what type of lighting is required in each area, what lights will be used, where the points of light will be located, and what atmosphere is intended to be achieved with each type of lighting to be added must be answered.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to consider the use of lighting control systems or the possibility of creating scenes so that the same space can adapt to the various needs that people have throughout the day.

In short, lighting design is concerned with achieving maximum comfort in space while taking into account how light influences this.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to consider the use of lighting control systems or the possibility of creating scenes so that the same space can adapt to the various needs that people have throughout the day.

Understanding the significance of lighting design, Look Lamp provides the best options for any lighting design purpose you may have in mind.

More information on the various lamps and their specifications can be found HERE.

Installations and art

In order to create a relationship between people and space, the use of light in architecture must come from emotions. You can design the lighting to suit your needs and desires. Furthermore, to achieve the most harmonious lighting pattern, consider the overall style of the interior or architecture.

If you’re wondering how to improve the lighting in your home, consider these 24hoursoflight suggestions, which are simple but highly effective in incorporating art. light into architecture. These suggestions, regardless of size or layout, assist us in achieving a beautiful and impressive decorative effect. I guarantee you will have a rich visual experience when consulting and using lighting products at Look Lamp.

Because of its strength and flexibility, structured material, which easily transitions between art and design, is ideal for art installations. I welcome collaboration with designers and interior designers to create streamlined, floating, open or closed, curved or rectangular, or any other type of form.

If you are interested in such a collaboration, please contact us using my contact form!


I am here to assist you, and I make every effort to respond within 24 hours. Please contact us if you have any questions. Or if you like what you see on Look Lamp and enjoy household lights, please contact me.

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You can also reach out to me via email. Contact me: bradbury@looklamp.net

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