Top 5 Best Choices For Headlamp for Reading in Bed For You

Reading is a habit worth cherishing, but reading in low light conditions is very harmful to the eyes. Therefore, you will need a quality reading lamp, and good support so that your eyes do not get tired at night.

In this article, we will talk about “Headlamps for Reading in Bed” in terms of their uses and how to buy them. Let’s follow the post together!

What is a Headlamp for reading in bed?

What is a Headlamp for reading in bed

This type of reading light is mounted on the wall of the room or the nightstand. It does not take up much space and does not burden the body.

The biggest feature of this type of reading light is that it only focuses on one point and does not spread the light around. Until now, reading lights often have a large range of light, so they are easy to affect people around.

But a reading lamp in bed will help you comfortably read a book without fear of affecting the person lying next to you.

The disadvantage of this type of lamp is that it has to be installed, not always used like other reading lights. However, the installation does not take too much time and effort, so you may not need to worry too much.

Top 5 Headlamps for reading in bed

#1. Princeton Tec Apex Pro

Princeton Tec Apex Pro delivers quality light that provides a very bright and high-quality spot beam.

This is one of the highest-scoring headlights for navigation with a score of 9 out of 10. The beam is strong and even over long distances. The lamp offers water resistance to a depth of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Lamps use collimators or reflectors with Maxbright LEDs depending on the application. Emits a smooth, powerful white light useful for many tasks.

Provides continuous feedback on battery health, indicating high, medium, or low battery life.

#2. Energizer Pro 360

The Energizer Pro 360 is a trail light up to 85 meters wide. The beam will illuminate everything in front of you.

The design withstands a 1-meter drop, shatterproof lenses, and an IPX4-rated waterproof body. Illuminate up to 85 meters with 360 lumens LED light beam in high mode. They can illuminate everything around you both indoors and outdoors.

Built-in 7 light modes: high, low, wide, low wide, red, red flashing, and green. With flexible modes, you’ll have optimal lighting for every situation.

Battery performance up to 50 hours in low mode. So you have the reliable power and light you need.

The Energizer Pro 360 is a trail light up to 85 meters wide
The Energizer Pro 360 is a trail light up to 85 meters wide

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#3. Streamlight 61601 Double Clutch USB

The Streamlight 61601 Double Clutch USB has a distinctive feature that you won’t find in most other headlights. Gives you the flexibility to switch between beams and modes to match.

This is a compact, low profile, 4 oz LED headlight, rechargeable via USB.

This light comes in both spot and beam beams – for close or distance lighting needs. This lamp can tilt the head 60 degrees to reduce neck fatigue when reading.

They easily rotate to switch between modes and turn lights on and off. The light has a durable polymer construction, is IPX4 rated for water resistance, and is impact tested to a depth of 2 meters.

Available in yellow or black, the headlights come with both an adjustable elastic headband and a rubber hard hat strap.

#4. Black Diamond Equipment Sprinter 275

The Black Diamond Equipment Sprinter 275 is the next candidate for the headlight position for reading in bed. This sleek jogger headlight has six lighting options depending on the intensity of the natural light you’re experiencing.

This is a rechargeable headlamp. You can easily switch modes using the button or sensor mode. The light emits 275 lumens at the maximum setting.

The modular design uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion mAh Battery.

The strap is also stretchable and adjustable so it’s very comfortable. This headband is very high quality and different from all other options in quality.

Moreover, its construction is very durable and can withstand heat and extreme weather conditions. All in all, the prices are very cheap and probably the cheapest of the bunch.

#5. GearLight 2 Outdoor Flashlight

GearLight 2 Outdoor Flashlight is a cheap and handy floodlight for everyone.

The light has seven lighting modes, including a flashing emergency light and a red notification light. Produces a bright, long-lasting beam with the color and clarity of daylight. The light allows continuous work for 10 hours at a low setting.

The removable, washable, and adjustable headband makes it a comfortable fit for adults and children. Weighing just 3 oz with a battery – compact, this is the ideal headlight for outdoor adventurers.

Our premium headlight is designed with 45-degree adjustable head and 7 different lighting modes from white light to red beam for safety.

Criteria for choosing a Headlamp for reading in bed

Criteria for choosing a Headlamp for reading in bed

#1. Many useful features

Table lamps with additional features such as adjusting the intensity and color of light, eye protection, and timer off … are also worth buying. Because they will help you get the right light source for your eyes to help you focus, comfortably read as well as read the book at the right time.

#2. High color rendering index

LED desk lamps with a color rendering index of 80 – 90 CRI/Ra or higher will emit natural light, and the images and colors of objects are displayed.

In addition, the table lamp with this index also limits the situation of shading and the phenomenon of light condensing at a point on the paper surface.

#3. The appropriate level of lighting

Because each person’s perception of light is different, using a lamp with low light will make your eyes highly concentrated, making your eyes strain. For adults wearing glasses, the ability to perceive light will be about 20% less than normal.

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#4. Light closest to natural light

Studies show that natural light is the best type of light for the human eye. So to protect your eyes, you should choose the type of light that is closest to natural light. The higher the CRI of the lamp, the closer the light is to natural light.

#5. Light stability

If you work for a long time under flashing lights, your eyes will often get tired. To check the stability of the light, you can use the phone camera to shoot directly at the light source, the blinking light will appear in alternating light and dark streaks.

#6. Light color

The color of light only affects your perception, not your health. Yellow light creates a cozy feeling, while white light gives you a feeling of freshness and alertness.

Features and applications of Headlamp for reading in bed

Features and applications of Headlamp for reading in bed
Features and applications of Headlamp for reading in bed

#1. Characteristics

Compact, modern design, easy to install at the bedside. Applying LED technology helps to observe realistically, without harming the eyes…

Concentrated light does not affect other spaces. The lamp body is powder-coated aluminum, the lamp arm is made of anodized aluminum.

#2. Application

Used to read books, work with computers… installed at the bedside of the bedroom…

Experience choosing a Headlamp for reading in bed

On the market, there are many models of headlamps for reading in bed, no matter which lamp you choose, you need to pay attention to choosing lamps that only work to brighten the page without causing glare, avoiding affecting the eyes.

#1. Specifications

The lights are designed with a different number of Led eyes and different power. Therefore, when choosing to buy a lamp, you need to pay attention to the technical parameters.

The higher the wattage, the higher the light output. However, not so that you choose too high a power that affects the eyes. You can choose the most suitable lighting power for your eyes to read from 1.5W – to 3W. The suitable light for reading is 4000K – white light.

#2. Flexibility

Flexibility Headlamp for reading
Flexibility Headlamp for reading

Importantly, you need to consider the flexibility when easily customizing the projection angle you want to be smooth or not. The light projection angle can be adjusted according to the position of the handwheel and the lamp at the required angle and height.

Before you install, try to put the lamp in the desired position and check if it is easy to use and provides enough light at a comfortable angle for reading at night? This will prevent unexpected projection angle problems.

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The article “Headlamp for reading in bed” helps you learn about the uses of bedside reading lights. Be a smart consumer who wants to choose for yourself a bedside reading lamp that ensures both light quality and convenience.

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