The Best Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

Replace your old fluorescent light box with a modern lighting fixture to modernize your home’s lighting. If your replacement fixture does not cover holes or discoloration in the ceiling after removing the fluorescent box, you may need to repair it.

Consider the room and how you utilize it when selecting new fixtures to determine what type of lighting is required and where it should be placed. When exploring ideas for replacing fluorescent lighting boxes, a mix of fixtures may be necessary for bigger spaces. 



First, you will need to remove the fluorescent lighting box and replace it, which will differ depending on the lighting box you have. You can rip out smaller recessed lighting fixtures. Of course, before you begin, remember to switch off the electricity at the primary source, which is the breaker box.

A voltage test should also be performed to check that no power flows through the wiring. The following is a list of the tools required to replace the fluorescent lighting boxes.

  • Electrical tape
  • Cordless drill
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Step ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood or putty filler
  • Paint
  • Utility knife
  • Voltage tester

For most lighting boxes, the removal technique is straightforward: detach each bar from one another. Then remove them from their ceiling fixtures by unscrewing them. After that, you can start removing the lights.

You will likely have to pry them off or unscrew them. You will have successfully removed the fluorescent lighting boxes at this stage and can install the new ones according to your preferences.

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Lighting Style Ideas 

Lighting Style Ideas

#1. Accent Lights

Accent lights are a terrific way to give your home a natural feel. From under-toe kick lights to cabinet lights, you have many options.

#2. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is a terrific concept if you want to focus on lighting that will wind up being the primary light source for your room. A recessed pendant is a terrific alternative for ambient lighting, or if you want a more opulent design, a chandelier is a great option.

#3. Task Lighting

Task lighting is an excellent idea if you want to replace the fluorescent lighting boxes in areas like your kitchen or study. This is because task lighting allows you to view your surroundings more clearly. As a result, you can tidy up your environment while keeping or even improving the lighting’s strength.

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Lighting Fixture Ideas 

Lighting Fixture Ideas

#1. Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling and sits flush with the surface. This choice is popular for kitchen light box upgrades since it works well in places with low ceilings. Where the fluorescent box was removed, recessed lights could be fitted and run the room’s length.

Lights should be placed over your main work area and around the room. Installing pocket lights around the edge of the area is one method of using them.

Additional illumination may be required in the room’s center. A single length of track lighting above an island or a pendant above the table will usually suffice in a kitchen.

Recessed lights can create air transmission between the two spaces since they pierce the ceiling. This is especially true if the room has an attic above it. Attic air can infiltrate your living spaces, increasing your heating and cooling expenses.

We advise adopting ICAT-labeled recessed lighting, which stands for insulation contact airtight. This fixture reduces air leakage and allows you to add insulation to the attic over it safely. Because of the fire hazard, older recessed lights cannot come into contact with insulation.

#2. Track Lighting Fixture

Track lighting works well in both large and small spaces. Replacing the outdated fluorescent box with modern track lights is a brilliant idea. The lights on the track can be positioned and pointed in different directions throughout the room.

Point one light where you use your cutting board in the kitchen and slant the others strategically throughout the space. For a balanced look, combine track lighting with under-cabinet lighting. Tracks come in a range of lengths, making them an excellent choice for lighting any room.

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#3. Pendant Fluorescent Light Box Update

Pendant lamps are available in various stylish designs and colors, making them an adaptable fluorescent light box improvement. A pendant lamp is a great way to add personality to a room while also providing a softer lighting option for fluorescents.

Choose a single pendant or a grouping of pendants of various lengths and sizes. One option is to install a row of miniature pendants where the fluorescent box was previously hung.

Choose the same chandelier in a larger size or form to hang above the table to tie the kitchen and eating spaces together.

#4. The Drums and Chandeliers

Drums and chandeliers provide a softer light source and a decorative accent to any environment. This form of lighting can be utilized for both functional and decorative purposes.

Replace the fluorescent box with a chandelier to create a focal point that will quickly set the atmosphere and tone of the area.

Chandeliers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a flexible addition to any home. Drum shades are available in damask, floral, botanical, and geometric paper and fabric designs with bold graphic prints.

Chandeliers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors
Chandeliers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors

#5. Industrial Style Lighting Fixtures

Industrial-style lighting fixtures are all the rage these days and for a good cause. With the usage of metals in an aesthetically attractive manner, industrial-style lighting offers your home a much more rustic feel. This lighting design could perhaps be described as modern vintage.

However, instead of choosing industrial-style lighting that resembles what you would find in a warehouse, you had better choose sleeker-looking solutions. Keep an eye out for alternate designs that will help to transform your area into something lot more futuristic and current.

#6. Eco Mix Lighting

People are becoming more mindful of how the items they buy influence the environment, which has resulted in the introduction of products such as eco-mix lighting. The best part is that these lighting fixtures are environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

Lighting fixtures covered in wood fibers are an excellent example of eco-mix lighting. In a room with much natural light and wooden furniture, this lighting looks fantastic. They will also help bring a touch of nature into your home and tie everything together.

Combining twines, ropes, wood beads, or burlap is another fantastic eco mix lighting. Eco mix lighting will undoubtedly make your area feel cozier and more welcoming.

Eco Mix Lighting
Eco Mix Lighting

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When looking for lighting fixture options to replace your fluorescent lighting boxes, it is critical to consider your room’s furniture and general color palette. We hope that ideas for replacing fluorescent lighting boxes will help you to choose the lighting fixtures.

Remember that lighting fixtures are not the focal center of any area; instead, the correct lighting fixture may bring your entire space together.

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